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How to Choose a Med Spa

How to Choose a Med Spa

How to Choose a Med Spa

With so many choices out there, it can be really quite confusing to know which direction you should go. Part of the solution is taking the time to do some research, so that you can choose the best med spa to meet your expectations.

First it might be helpful to first describe what exactly a med spa is. Short for “medical spa” a med spa is something of a modern novelty. Med spas were developed in the last dozen or so years as a way to combine cosmetic surgery with a spa-like atmosphere. The combination of these two terms has been remarkably successful over the past few years with more and more med spas popping up around the country.

There are quite a few reasons why med spas have become so popular. Some of these reasons include:

1.       Relaxed atmosphere.

2.       Many procedures offer quick results with very little if any downtime.

3.       Services are performed under medical supervision.

4.       Many facilities offer additional services that emphasize rejuvenation or relaxation.

Every med spa is likely to be a little different by offering its own unique takes on various procedures. Make sure that the med spa you chose lines-up with your expectations.

It is in my opinion number 3 (Services are performed under medical supervision.) is one of the most important aspects of finding a reputable med spa. There are many med spas opening up today and in the past that do not have medical personal on staff daily. They are using unsupervised estheticians and nursing assistants to do medical procedures that should be done by RNs, Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistants, or MDs.  The pharmaceutical companies who develop and manufacture the injectable products refuse to even train estheticians and nursing assistants in the use of their products. So where are they getting trained? I’m unsure, but I have heard of plastic surgeons doing a 1 hour class on it to non-healthcare staff.  It actually can be dangerous to the client to have uneducated and untrained staff performing these procedures.

So in conclusion, do your research and ask the questions. Make sure to ask who will be doing your procedure. Make sure that the person who is injecting your face is a medical professional.  Estheticians are trained in facials and are great at facials. Massage Therapists are trained in massage and great at Massages. The same thing goes for the highly trained medical professional performing your injections. Make sure that you are getting your procedure done by someone who is qualified to perform the procedure.